Brainteasers 21

  1. It doesn't have a body, no ears but can listen, can speak but has no mouth, and is born in the air. What is it?

  2. What can you catch but not throw?

  3. What can pass before the sun without making a shadow?

  4. I get wet while I dry. Who am I?

  5. A man and a son were driving home one rainy night. They had an accident. The father died on the spot. The people who were nearby took the son to the emergency room. The surgeon refused to operate on the boy, saying "I cannot operate on him, he's my son!" How is that possible?

  6. If you were locked in a concrete room with no windows or doors, and all you have with you is a bed and a calendar, how would you eat and drink?

  7. If you have it, you want to share it, but if you share it, you don't have it. What is it?

  8. A man wearing black clothes, black shoes and a black hat is walking down a street. The street lamps are all off. A black car, with its headlights off, comes speeding down the road, but screeches to a halt, just before hitting the man. How did the driver see the man?

  9. How much dirt is in a hole 4 feet deep and 2 feet wide?

  10. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?

  11. How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of brick?

  12. Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?

  13. Clara Clatter was born on December 27th, yet her birthday is always in the summer. How is this possible?

  14. There is a dead man in the center of a field. He carried with him an unopened package. As he neared the center of the field, he knew he was going to die. How did he know he was going to die?

  15. What is the logic in this sequence of numbers?8 5 4 9 1 7 6 10 3 2 0

  16. A man priced a certain item in a hardware store. He was told they were ten cents each. He said, "I'll take one hundred, please." The clerk rang up $.30 on the cash register. What item did the man buy and how could one hundred be sold for only $.30?

  17. One word in the English language changes its pronunciation and meaning when the 1st letter is capitalized. What is it?

  18. A man wanted to enter an exclusive club but did not know the password that was required. He waited by the door and listened. A club member knocked on the door. The doorman said, "12" The member replied, "6" and was let in. A second member came to the door. The doorman said, "6" The member replied, "3" and was let in. The man thought he had heard enough and walked up to the door. The doorman said, "10". The man replied, "5" But he was not let in. What should he have said?

  19. Why is tennis such a romantic sport?

  20. What can burn the eyes, sting the mouth, yet be eaten?

  21. What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?

  22. In a small cabin in the woods, two men lay dead. The cabin itself is not burned, but the forest all around is burned to cinders. How did the men die?

  23. Three travelers register at a hotel and are told that their rooms will cost $10 each so they pay $30. Later the clerk realizes that he made a mistake and should have only charged them $25. He gives a bellboy $5 to return to them but the bellboy is dishonest and gives them each only $1, keeping $2 for himself. So the men actually spent $27 and the bellboy kept $2. What happened to the other dollar of the original $30?

  24. I am the owner of a pet store. If I put in one canary per cage, I have one bird too many. If I put in two canaries per cage, I have one cage too many. How many cages and canaries do I have?

  25. Two women apply for a job. They are identical and have the same mother, father and birthday. The interviewer asks, "Are you twins?" to which they honestly reply, "No". How is this possible?