Brainteasers 20

  1. A horse is tied to a 20 foot long rope. The horse wants to get some water that is 30 feet away. The horse gets the water easily. How is this?

  2. Here on earth it is always true, that a day follows a day. But there is a place where yesterday always follows today! What am I ?

  3. A boy goes and buys a fishing pole that is 6' 3" long. As he goes to get on the bus, the bus driver tells him that he can't take anything on the bus longer than 6'. The boy goes back to town, buys one more thing, and the bus driver allows him on the bus. What did he buy, and what did he do with it?

  4. What English word has three consecutive double letters?

  5. Rearrange the letters of NOR DO WE to make one word.

  6. What are the 2 longest words in the English language that can be typed using only your left hand on the keyboard.

  7. Translate the following into a meaningful phrase: If a large solid-hoofed mammal becomes available to you without compensation, refrain from casting your faculty for seeing into the oral cavity of such a creature.

  8. You own a tractor with a broken steering wheel that cannot turn right. You need to drive around a square patch of cabbages in the middle of your field. How can you drive in a clockwise direction around the patch without ever turning right?

  9. What did the beach say when the tide came in?

  10. What do Penguins sing on a birthday?

  11. David's father has three sons : Snap, Crackle and _____ ?

  12. What's smaller than an ant's mouth?

  13. A woman shoots her husband. She then holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. However, 5 minutes later they both go out for dinner together singing merrily. How is this possible?

  14. What weighs more—a ton of feathers or a ton of gold?

  15. Scientists have proven that cats have more hair on one side then their other side. Some people believe that this is because when cats lay on their side they need insulation from the cold on the floor or ground. Which side of a cat has more hair?

  16. In a year, how many seconds are there in each month?

  17. Solve this mathematical problem: 2 + 15 + 5 + 9 - 4 + 3 + 8 - 12 + 26

  18. What do these three have in common? Dogs, Diamonds, Double Plays.

  19. I am one simple word, but I mean different things. One of my meanings brings great forceful swings, The other of me has nice curves, like the first... But only one meaning can help quench a thirst. One of my meanings will often bring cheers, Either of them could hold a few beers. What is the word?

  20. Two women are playing chess. They play five games. Each one wins five games with no ties. How can this be?

  21. Take the wives of Henry VII of England, multiply that number by the number of dwarfs that befriended Snow White, divide by the number of seas, and multiply by the number that represents "love" in tennis. What is your answer?

  22. If 6 is 5, and 7 is 8, and 10 is 5 too, what is 9?

  23. Do you think, 7 and 5 are 13 or 7 and 5 is 13? Which one is correct?

  24. There is a pillar which is 8 feet tall and gives a shadow of 4 feet long on the floor. What if the pillar was 14 feet tall? Can you tell how many feet in length would the shadow be?

  25. Let's say you have an empty fruit basket and you had to fill it with apples. How many apples can you add in that empty basket?