The Vietnam Wall

Hello! Yes, I am The Wall. You have heard of me I am sure,
You may have even contributed to my being.
I was built through contributions from our veterans,
From all across The Great United States,
To honor those who served and died in Vietnam.

Did you know I am 500 feet long,
Reflecting the longest war in our nation's history?
I have 140 separate panels, each for a particular time
In the history of that tragic war.

I am 10 feet tall at my tallest point,
Just as our fine young men felt tall as they answered
Our nation's call.
Less than a foot at my lowest,
Reflecting the feeling of our nation
For sending them.

I am made of Black Granite,
Black for the dark pages of history I reveal.
Granite for the strength and courage of 3,300,000 servicemen
Who answered their country's call.


And yes, part of me is buried
Just as over 58,000
Young men are whose names appear on my face.

Yes, I stand here Tall, Dark, and Majestic. But I stand not alone.
I am visited each day by tens, hundreds, yes, even thousands,
Who in some way are touched by my cause.
Families stand before me, with thoughts of that special one they loved.

Some bring tokens of rememberance, others flowers and letters,
While still others bow their heads in prayer.
But whatever their reaction, they all seem to have one thing in common.
They ask, "Why, Wall?"


I try to assure them, that perhaps it was not in vain.
That perhaps there was a reason, not yet revealed.
But that if for no other, then I am here
As a reminder, Not to let it happen again