The story is told of a freshman in college who had a banner over his
desk that had baffled his friends.  They could not understand the
meaning of the words.  The banner read, "I am willing to be third." 
One of the young man's friends asked him, "What does your sign mean
which says you are willing to be third?"
The young man answered him with a smile, and explained.   "Jesus is
first in my life, others are second, and I am third."  This is the attitude we are
to have also about the Lord, and others.  It has been said that true joy means
"Jesus first, others second, and self last."  This young man was willing to
be third.   Are we willing to let Christ be first and others second on our list
of priorities in our lives?  
When we make the Lord Jesus Christ first, we have our goal and purpose
in life placed in the right person.  We are to seek first the Kingdom of
God and His righteousness and others things will be added unto us,
according to God's will.  When our priorities are right, everything else
will work out for good.
May we always be inspired to set our sights on the Lord Jesus Christ and
let Him have first place, not only on our lips, but in our heart and lives.
Our prayer is for Him to constrain us to live as He desires us to live
and to obey His Holy Word as we walk through this life.  May we
press on and never give up, for the coming of the lord is drawing
night.  The next sound we hear could be the sound of the trumpet.
Our God is great, and greatly to be praised!  There is none like Him.
Give Him all honor and glory, today and forevermore.

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