For "Car" guys who like speed.. 
Top 20 fastest cars in the world. 

The 204 mph, 621 bhp Bentley Continental Supersport is the fastest production Bentley ever.
(328 Km/hr)

The 205 mph Porsche Carrera GT is Stuttgart engineering at its best. 
(329 Km/hr) 

The Mercedes McLaren SLR can hit 207 mph... 
and it's an automatic. 
(333 Km/hr) 

One Dodge Viper V10 + an eccentric British coach builder = 
the 525 bhp, 210mph Bristol Fighter. 
(337 Km/hr)   

The first Italian supercar in our list is the 211 mph 
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. 
(339 Km/hr) 

The retro-shaped Ford GT uses a thoroughly modern 
supercharged 5.4-litre V8 to hit 212 mph. 
(341 Km/hr) 

The new Lamborghini Murcielago SV is lighter, 
harder and at 213 mph, faster than the standard Murci. 
(342 Km/hr) 

Lamborghini's Italian neighbour Pagani has developed 
the stunning 215 mph Zonda F. 
(346 Km/hr) 

It may not quite have been the car we were hoping for, 
but the Jaguar XJ220 could still hit 217 mph. 
(349 Km/hr) 

That's the same top-speed as the much more recent Ferrari Enzo, 
named after Ferrari's founder. 

The British-built Ascari A10 uses a tuned BMW V10 to hit 220 mph. 
(354 Km/hr) 

The Gumpert Apollo may be a bit of an ugger and have a stupid name, 
but how many cars can go 224 mph? 
(360 Km/hr) 

The B-engineering Edonis develops 680  bhp 
from its quad turbo 3.7litre V6 to hit 227 mph. Gulp! 
(365 Km/hr) 

Obviously the standard Apollo wasn't fast (or ugly) enough, 
hence the 230 mph Gumpert Apollo Speed. 
(370 Km/hr) 

The McLaren F1 was doing 240 mph 17-years ago! 
Just shows how much of an engineering marvel it was. 
(386 Km/hr) 

You can tell the Koenigsegg CCX has a blistering top speed 
of 245 mph just by looking at it.  Scary. 
(394 Km/hr) 

The American-built Saleen S7 can hit 248 mph. 
OK, this is getting ridiculous now! 
(399 Km/hr) 

The Porsche 9ff GT9 is one of three cars able to break the 250 mph barrier. 
(402 Km/hr) 

And you thought the 253 mph Bugatti Veyron would be top of the list. 
Not any more. (403 Km/hr) 

The top spot now goes to Shelby Supercars and 
the 257 mph SSC Ultimate Aero. 
(413.60 Km/hr)

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