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Old Testament

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  1. What was Abraham's name before
    God changed it
  2. What did Joseph's brothers eat after
    they threw him into the pit
  3. The metal of the helmets of David and
    Goliath were made of
  4. Who tried to steal the throne away
    from his father, King David
  5. Who was the mother of Ishmael
  6. Which city was Jonah sent to
    convert the population
  7. Killed b his brother Absalom
  8. Who was paid to nurse Moses
  9. Who pushed down the pillars of the
    Phillistine meeting hall and died doing it
  10. Who was Ruth's mother-in-law
  11. Who was King David's father
  12. Where were the bones of Joseph
  13. How were Lot and Abraham related
  14. He interpreted the handwriting on
    the wall
  15. Which King of Israel did more to
    provoke God than any of the others
  16. Which animal did Samson tear
    apart in Timnath
  17. How many times did Noah send
    out the dove
  18. How were Esther and Mordecai
  19. Rachel's husband
  20. Was hanged on the gallows he
    built to hang Mordecai


  1. Who name the animals that God made
  2. What kind of angels guarded the garden
    on eden
  3. Who wrote the book of Lamentations
  4. How many pairs of each clean animal did
    Noha take aboard the ark
  5. Who hid two Israelite spies on the roof
    of the house
  6. What book of the Bible did God create
  7. Which woman fought with Elijah
  8. What did Isaiah do
  9. What is God's name
  10. What did Esau do for a living
  11. Who was Abraham's wife
  12. What color fringes were the children of
    Israel commanded to wear to remaind them
    of God's commandments
  13. How may years was David King
  14. Who was the King of Israel when God smote
    185,000 Assyrians
  15. Which book of the Bible does the burning
    bush appear
  16. Where did the Lord bury Moses
  17. How many members of the search party
    recommended abandoning the quest for the
    Promised Land
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