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New Testament

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4              56
8            910       
  11      12       
  14                15         
22                    23       
  25      26    27 


  1. Which book of the Bible does it
    describe the fruits of the Spirit
  2. What color was the robe Jesus was
    given by the Roman soldiers
  3. The Holy Spirit is also known at this
  4. Jesus was of what nationality
  5. What is the Aramaic word for Father
  6. What was used by the Roman soldier
    to pierce Jesus' side
  7. God is this
  8. Who climbed up a sycamore tree to
    see Jesus better when he passed by
  9. Where was the Apostle John
    banished to
  10. Which Hebrew tribe was Jesus from
  11. How many times did Jesus appear to
    Paul at his conversion
  12. He denied Jesus three times in one
  13. What was Peter's job
  14. How many days was Saul without
    site in Daamacus
  15. Who did the Apostle Paul take along
    with him to preach in other lands
  16. A commander of 100 Roman solders
    is called?
  17. A Jewish teacher is called this
  18. Jesus raised him from the dead
  19. How many hours did Jesus hang on
    the cross
  20. In the begining there was
    the _____


  1. Where was Jesus arrested
  2. Which of the Lord's Apostles worked
    as a physician
  3. He comes to steal, kill and, to destroy
  4. What was the Apostle Paul trained to
    be before his conversion
  5. The name of the place where Jesus
    worship God
  6. Where was Jesus born
  7. What are the wages of sin
  8. He betrayed Jesus
  9. Jesus's name in Hebrew
  10. In the Jesus' parable of the ten virgins
    how many were wise
  11. Where did Jesus rise Lazarus from the
  12. Where was the Apostle Paul born
  13. How did Peter die
  14. Who was Peter's brother
  15. God is this
  16. Where was Jesus' first miracle
  17. This is the free gift of God to man
    according to grace not works
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