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Miracles of Jesus

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  1. How long did the woman have an
    issue of blood (2 words)
  2. Who appeared with Elijah at Jesus'
  3. Jesus raised a widow's son from
    this city, from the dead
  4. In this Gospel, Jesus walked through
    locked doors
  5. Jesus healed Simon Peter's mother-
    in-law of this
  6. What was the name of the demons
    Jesus cast out into swine
  7. The paralyzed man Jesus healed
    picked this up and carried it
  8. The healed blind man in Bethsaida
    said people looked like these
  9. Jesus cast seven demons out of her
  10. How many men lowered the
    paralyzed man through the roof
  11. Who doubted how they would
    feed all the people
  12. Number of baskets full of pieces
    bread left after Jesus fed the 5000
  13. Jesus raised his daughter from
    the dead


  1. The scribes became angry because
    Jesus was healing here
  2. Jesus walked on this sea
  3. Where the devils went when Jesus
    cast them out
  4. This was withered on the man
    whom Jesus healed on the Sabbath
  5. Whose small lunch did Jesus use
    to feed five thousand
  6. Jesus raised this man of Bethany
    from the dead
  7. The name of the blind man Jesus
    healed as he was leaving Jericho.
  8. Jesus healed the leper by a quick
    and miraculous ______
  9. This many loaves of bread fed five
  10. What kind of tree withered from a
    curse from Jesus
  11. Only one of ten thanked Jesus
    who healed him
  12. How many waterpots of water did
    Jesus turn into wine
  13. Jesus sent him for a fish with a
    coin in its mouth
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