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Jesus' Ministry

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  1. When Jesus died, this was rent in two
  2. Some people thought that Jesus was
    this person
  3. She poured expensive perfume on
    Jesus' feet
  4. Jesus was tempted for this many days
  5. Jesus was baptised in this river
  6. This many virgins did not have enough
    oil for their lamps
  7. This disciple asked Jesus directly who
    would betray him
  8. Nicodemus call Jesus this
  9. The father gave this to the prodigal
    son upon his return
  10. Jesus sent Peter to get tax money
    inside of this
  11. Jesus called them the "generation of
  12. John called the Pharisees and
    Sadducees this
  13. When Jesus ate at a Pharisees house,
    he surprised him by not doing this
  14. Jesus said the fowls of the air don't do this
  15. The man whom Jesus sent to the pool
    of Siloam had this affliction


  1. Jesus healed this many lepers
    at one time
  2. What was the occupation of
    the one who asked "What shall I do to
    inherit eternal life?"
  3. Jesus saw this disciple sitting
    under a fig tree
  4. Jesus said to pluck this out
    if it offends us
  5. At whose well did Jesus talk
    with a Samaritan woman
  6. Jesus read from this book in
    the synagogue at Nazareth
  7. Jesus said Bartimaeus was healed
    because he had this
  8. Jesus brother who became an
  9. The Spirit of God descended
    on Jesus as this
  10. The man let through the roof suffered
    from this
  11. Jesus was doing this when a storm
    came up on the Sea of Galilee
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