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Books of the Old Testament

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  1. The first of the wisdom books in the OT
  2. The writer was taken hostage in Babylon
  3. To convince the people that salvation
    was possible
  4. The writer who prophesied in the
    northern kingdom
  5. Book shows that God loves all
  6. The name of God does not appear in
    the book
  7. The writer of this book was a
    co-worker with Nehemiah
  8. This is the last book in the OT
  9. This book was named after a son
    of Elkanah
  10. The third book in the Bible
  11. This book was written by "The Weeping
  12. Book written by Solomon and others
  13. The forth book Moses wrote
  14. The first book of history


  1. Book stresses the importance of remaining
    loyal to God
  2. Book warns people of judgment and to offer
  3. This book deals a lot with a plague of locusts
  4. The book was named after the cupbearer to
    a king
  5. The name of God does not appear to in
    the book
  6. Book expresses the despair of the people of
    Judah over the loss of their land, city
    and Temple
  7. This book predicted the fall and destruction
    of Nineveh
  8. Last book of the law
  9. The witer of this book was the sone of Buzi
    and a prophet
  10. This book contains the 10 commandments
  11. The first of the minor prophets
  12. This book was written by a former shepherd
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