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Books of the New Testament

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  1. The ethnic group claiming descent
    from Abraham and Isaac
  2. Disciple of Jesus; brother of John
  3. Had a slave called Onesimus
  4. How many books of the Bible
    Timothy wrote
  5. Timothy reported to Paul about
    the churches in this book
  6. In this book Paul is writing to a
    group of churches
  7. A very highly valued friend and
    helper of Paul
  8. A typeface used in ancient
  9. A reference to shoot at
  10. Disciple of Jesus; author of
    4th Gospel


  1. An enlightening or astonishing disclosure
  2. This book has been referred to as "the
    best definition of love"
  3. One of the four Gospels; contains the
    details of Jesus's birth and early life
  4. The tenth book in the NT, one of the
    Prision Epistles of Paul
  5. One of the Gospels in the New Testament;
    includes the Sermon of the Mount
  6. In this book you will find instructions for
    wives to submit to their husbands
  7. Author of most of the New Testament
  8. A subdivision of a play or opera or ballet
  9. His brother's name was Andrew
  10. John wrote a New Testament book
    while exiled here
  11. Eleventh book of the New Testament
  12. Son of Eunice
  13. Servant of Jesus and brother of James
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