Jesus' Job Application

Like you, I've interviewed hundreds of job applicants over the years--some good, some not so good. The whole process can be draining...or entertaining, depending on the applicants.

Written applications tend to reveal more than most candidates think. Amidst overflowing confidence and a zeal to impress, they seem eager to answer any question. My favorite is, "What unique skills would you bring to the company?" And the following are some of their answers:

- "I excel at trivia games; I'm a repository of worthless information."

- "I can type without looking at the keyboard."

- "I'm a perfectionist and rarely if if ever neglect details."

- "I'm responsible for ruining the entire operation of a competing company."

- "I'm a great team player, I am."

- "I'm a hard worker, etc."

Maybe it's too tough of a question.

Can you imagine if the Savior of the world were asked to fill out a job application? Think of it! How would the incarnate God answer the simple questions required for a job interview? After all, His resume is not run-of-the-mill.

Put yourself in that employment office. Take a look over His shoulder and follow along as He completes His application. It might look something like this:

NAME: Jesus Christ

APPLICANT BACKGROUND: I am pre-existent, appearing numerous times before my birth. I also participated in the creation.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Jewish on my mother's side and Divine on my Father's side. Mother was a virgin at the time of my birth.

LIST YOUR REFERENCES: Myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands of angels, and a few fishermen.

CLOSEST RELATIVE: The eternal God, who has said, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHS? I can forgive sin and raise the dead. From time to time I walk on water.

WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? I taught doctors and elders when I was in Junior High School.

LIST YOUR DUTIES IN PREVIOUS JOBS: I've catered full dinners to large crowds with low overhead. Once, during a wine shortage at a wedding, I improvised with a water substitute. Also, at a local funeral for a friend, I provided the life for the party.

HOW DO YOU GET ALONG WITH OTHERS? It varies. Sometimes they shout "Messiah" to me, and the next day they yell, "Crucify Him."

ARE YOU ABLE TO WORK WEEKENDS? All but one. I have a prior commitment at Mt. Calvary, but I'll return on Sunday.

SALARY REQUIREMENTS: None. Although I haven't a home or even a pillow to lay my head, I do own the universe.

Jesus was and is impossible to categorize. He's like no other. No box can hold Him. It's not surprising the people were amazed at His life, His teachings, His mannerisms, His death and resurrection. Even His closest friends couldn't get a fix on Him: "What manner of man is this?" And the opposition wondered the same thing: "Have you heard the way He talks? We've never heard anyone speak like this man."

Nineteen wide centuries separate those observations from our own. And yet He continues to impress and confound. He is the eternal God. His redemptive abilities are mankind's only hope. He alone personifies love. His promises are iron-clad. His commands are just. And He's prepared a future that is out of this world!

And, if that's not enough, get this--He's chosen us to tell His story. We are the select few who've been assigned to expose His true identity to His searching creation, to proclaim the words He spoke, to lead His children home.

The honor is exceeded only by the responsibility.

The Psalmist said, "Every day I shall bless thee . . . Great is the Lord and highly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable . . . Men shall speak of the power of thine awesome acts, and I shall tell of thy greatness."

Tell away!

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