Bible Quiz - Solomon

1. Who was the mother of King Solomon?

Michal Bathsheba Abigail Rachel

2. How many wives did Solomon have?

400 500 600 700

3. Solomon began to build the temple where Abraham "offered" Isaac. Where was that?

Mount Horeb Mount Sinai Mount Moriah Mount Hermon

4. Who supplied Solomon with wood for the temple?

Hiram Balaam Agag Adonijah

5. At the dedication of Solomon's temple, 120 priests played what instruments?

Horns Lyres Trumpets Stringed instruments

6. How long did it take Solomon to build the temple?

3 years 5 years 7 years 40 years

7. Whom did Solomon kill because he violated an order not to leave Jerusalem?

Joab Adonijah Shimei Benaiah

8. What did Solomon ask for when God told him he could have anything he wanted?

Wealth Long life Concubines Wisdom

9. Which queen of visited Solomon because she had heard of his fame?

Queen Isabella Queen of Sheba Queen Esther Queen Vasthi

10. Who became the king after Solomon?

Jeroboam Rehoboam Shishak Adoniram

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