Bible Quiz - Issac

1. Who was Isaac's wife?

Sarah Rebekah Hagar Rachel

2. Where was Isaac when he first met his bride-to-be?

in his tent on his horse in the temple in his field

3. What king did Isaac make an oath of peace with?

Nebuchadnezzar Absalom Abimelech Ahasuerus

4. Which of his sons did Isaac intend to bless?

Jacob Ezra Jacob Esau

5. Which son was Isaac deceived into blessing?

Esau Ezra Jacob Joshua

6. Why couldn't Isaac tell that he was being deceived by his son?

he couldn't hear well he had lost his sense of smell his eyesight was poor he was very ill

7. Who was Isaac's father?

Israel Jacob Joshua Abraham

8. Which of these was Isaac's brother?

Abraham Esau Ishmael Jacob

9. Why did Isaac send Jacob to see Rebekah's brother?

for his protection to choose a wife to take him gifts to aquire sheep

10. How old was Isaac when he died?

180 140 170 110

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