Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Number of men in Gideon's army

300 600 1000 3000

2. Jesus was from this tribe of Israel

Benjamin Judah Gad Levi

3. Number of times Israel march around Jericho on the day Israel captured the city

7 9 11 5

4. Not an apostle

Matthias Thaddaeus Luke Bartholomew

5. Follows the book of Galatians

Philemon Ephesians Philippians Philippians

6. Who was the first king over Israel?

David Solomon Saul None

7. Follows the book of 3 John

James Revelation Jude 2 Peter

8. Father of Nimrod the mighty hunter and warrior

Cush Lot Ham Canaan

9. Biblical book containing the story of Ananias and Sapphira

Matthew John Acts Deuteronomy

10. How was John the Baptist related to Jesus?

They were brothers They were cousins They were not related by blood John was the uncle of Jesus

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