Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Age of Jesus when he began his ministry

12 22 30 40

2. Father of the Edomites

Jacob Elam Edom None

3. God changed Jacob's name to what?

Abram Isaac Saul None

4. Biblical book containing the story of the fall of Jericho

1 Samuel Judges Joshua Numbers

5. Philistines descend from which of Noah's sons?

Shem Ham Japheth Canaan

6. How long was Judah held captive in Babylon?

70 years 17 years 400 years 75 years

7. Follows the book of Habakkuk

Obadiah Jonah Zephaniah Nahum

8. King that hired Balaam to curse Israel

Balak Balaam Beor Zippor

9. Husband of Michal

King Saul Samuel King David Absalom

10. Interpreted Pharaoh's dream about a famine

Issac Jacob Daniel Joseph

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