Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Biblical book containing the story of Simon the Sorcerer

Matthew Acts Luke John

2. Birthplace of King David

Zion Bethlehem Jerusalem Nazareth

3. Apostle chosen to replace Judas

Bartholomew Matthias Barsabbas Philip

4. Author of Philemon

Peter John Timothy Paul

5. Biblical book containing the story of Saul's conversion

Matthew Acts Luke John

6. Age of Abraham when Issac was born

100 90 75 70

7. Sold into slavery by his brothers

Judah Gad Joseph Benjamin

8. Wife of Issac

Rachel Leah Rebekah Hagar

9. Sign of the covenant between God and Noah

clouds rainbow falling star drought

10. Celebrated by Passover

The Lord's boundy in the land The journey from Egypt to Canaan Israel's deliverance in the time of Ester Israel's deliverance from Egypt

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