Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Had a conversation with a donkey

Balak Balaam Beor Zippor

2. First wife of Jacob

Rachel Rebekah Leah Rebekah

3. Number of fish Jesus used to feed five thousand

7 5 4 2

4. Precedes the book of Jeremiah

Song of Songs Ecclesiastes Job None

5. Struck dead for lying to the Holy Spirit

Ananias Ananias and Sapphira Sapphira None

6. Mother of King Solomon

Bathsheba queen of Sheba Abishag Hagar

7. What did Israel eat while wandering in the desert?

wild animals each other manna insects

8. Prostitute spared during the destruction of Jericho

Rahab Jezebel Abigail Zeruiah

9. Father of Abraham

Eber Terah Haran Nahor

10. How many days was Lazarus in the tomb before being raised by Jesus?

3 days 4 days 2 days 5 days

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