Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Tribe of Israel that served as God's priests

Judah Gad Simeon Levi

2. God warned this king in a dream not to touch Sarah

Birsha Amraphel Melchizedek Abimelech

3. What did God create on the first day of creation?

Sun Moon Vegetation Light

4. Had Naboth murdered for his vineyard

Ahab Jeroboam Jezebel Baasha

5. Hid prophets of God from Jezebel

Elijah Obadiah Joel Uzzi

6. Precedes the book of Isaiah

Song of Songs Ecclesiastes Jeremiah Daniel

7. Apostles that were brothers

Andrew and John John and James Matthew and James Andrew and Philip

8. Last book of Old Testament

Revelation Micah Malachi Zechariah

9. Number of books in the New Testament

32 39 22 27

10. Birthplace of Abraham

Canaan Egypt Haran Ur

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