Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Follows the book of Obadiah

Nahum Micah Jonah None

2. First son of Adam and Eve

Abel Seth Cain Abraham

3. To what city did God send Jonah?

Sodom Nineveh Gomorrah Gaza

4. Mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments

Horeb Hor Sinai Carmel

5. Follows the book of Esther

Ezra Job Ruth Nehemiah

6. Name of prisoner released instead of Jesus?

Lucius Niger Barnabas Barabbas

7. How many sons did Noah have?

4 7 3 12

8. Biblical book containing the story of Job

Esther 1 Kings Genesis none

9. Biblical book containing the story of Balaam

Exodus Judges Deuteronomy Numbers

10. First born of Issac

Jacob Esau Lot Joseph

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