Bible Quiz - General Questions

1. Number of Philistines Samson killed with the jawbone of a donkey?

5000 500 1000 2000

2. Who led the Israelites into the promise land?

Moses Joshua Jethro Calab

3. Who wrote the book of Revelation

John Paul Timothy Moses

4. How many wives did Solomon have?

400 300 700 500

5. Moutain where Elijah hid from Jezebel?

Moriah Horeb Carmel Sinai

6. Tribe of Israel that did not receive land as an inheritance?

Judah Gad Levi Simeon

7. Follows the book of Titus

James Philemon Romans Hebrews

8. King David fled from this one of his sons?

Amnon Hushai Jonadab Absalom

9. How long was Jonah inside the belly of the great fish?

30 days 3 days 13 days 5 days

10. Biblical book containing the story of Samson

Judges 1 Samuel Joshua Numbers

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