Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. What son fell on his father's neck?

Abraham Joseph Isaac Abel

2. Who successfully disguised himself from his own brothers?

Joseph Ham Haman Canaan

3. Who sat under a juniper tree and prayed to die?

Isaac Elisha Potiphar Elijah

4. Who helped Jesus Christ bear his cross?

Simon of Cyrene Pontius Pilate Peter Judas Iscariot

5. Who climbed a tree to see Jesus?

Zachariah Thomas Zacchaeus Timothy

6. Who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem?

Ahab Hezekiah Nehemiah Jeremiah

7. Who killed Goliath?

David The Philistine Army Gideon The Amonnites

8. Who baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch?

Andrew James the son of Zebedee Philip James the son of Aphaeus and Lebbaeus

9. Who used sorcery and bewitched the people?

Nadab Jeroboam Abijam Simon

10. What father fell on his son's neck?

Joshua Prodigal son's father Esau Joash

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