Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. What widow ate parched corn?

Priscilla Hannah Ruth Sarah

2. Who kissed a beautiful, young maiden and then cried?

Jacob Joash Haman King Agrippa

3. Who had reeds wrapped around his head?

Jonathan Job Jonah Josephus

4. Who built the first city and what was it's name?

David; Hebron Ishmael; Gilead Abel; Judah Cain; Enoch

5. Who saw a city coming down out of Heaven?

Matthew James John Paul

6. What woman was ninety years old when she gave birth to a son?

Tabitha Rebeccah Dinah Sarah

7. Who caught 153 "great fish?"

Peter Paul Judas Iscariot Michael

8. Who killed a thousand men with the jaw-bone of an ass?

Simon Samson Elijah Aaron

9. Who drove furiously?

Gideon King David King Saul Jehu

10. Who fell asleep during a long sermon?

Jehu Ezekial Etychus Joash

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