Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. What ruler of Israel sacrificed his daughter unto God for victory in war?

Jephthah Manoah Simeon Judah

2. What noted Hebrew had a cup for divination?

Joshua Joseph Caleb Eltolad

3. Who prayed for rain?

Eleazor Benjamin Ephraim Elijah

4. Who prayed that it would not rain?

Saul Elijah Hanun Samuel

5. Who made the prophecy about the meat-eating animal would eat straw?

Jeremiah Ezekiel Isaiah Amos

6. What men blamed a beast for the evil that they had done?

Abimelech's brothers Ham's brothers Absalom's brothers Joseph's brothers

7. Who taught to be as "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves"?

Isaiah Micah Jesus Habakkuk

8. Who changed dust into lice?

Moses Elijah Aaron Simon

9. Who went forty days on the strength of two meals?

Gideon Elijah Jacob King Saul

10. Who had fish for breakfast by the seaside?

Moses, Aaron, and the Children of Israel Gideon and his army Jesus and the Seven Paul and Timothy

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