Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. What two men walked on the water?

Jesus and Mark Jesus and Paul Jesus and Peter Jesus and Matthew

2. What king lay all night on the ground when his son was sick?

Abimlech David Rehoboam Saul

3. What king committed suicide by falling on his sword?

David Rehoboam Abimelech Saul

4. What king consulted a spiritual medium and was punished by death?

Rehoboam Abimelech Solomon Saul

5. What queen gave Solomon an intelligence test that he passed with a perfect grade?

Queen Esther Queen Vashti Queen of Sheba Queen Maachah

6. Whose daughter stole her father's idols and sat on them?

Laban's Daughter Abimelech's Daughter Job's Daughter Jacob's Daughter

7. What girl dancer caused a murder?

Jezebel Priscilla Daughter of Herodias Mary Magdalene

8. What archangel debated with the devil?

Michael Gabriel Abaddon Apollyon

9. What two men entertained angels unaware?

Paul and Timothy Abraham and Lot Japheth and Ham Isaac and Ishmael

10. Who transferred devils from men to animals?

Elijah Elisha Jesus John the Baptist

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