Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. What blind man kissed his two grandsons?

Abraham Jacob David Haman

2. Who sold their brother into slavery?

David's Sons Potiphar's Sons Joseph's Brothers Joshua' Brothers

3. Who fooled his son-in-law by substituting the bride's older sister on the wedding?

Haman Belshazzar Israel Laban

4. Who worked seven years to earn a wife?

Jacob Jerico Aaron Jeremiah

5. What father and son passed off their wives as sisters?

David and Absalom Saul and Jonathan Abraham and Isaac Zacharias and John

6. What town clerk quieted a riot?

Town clerk of Galilee Town clerk of Samaria Town clerk of Corinth Town clerk of Ephesus

7. Who told a riddle about a lion?

Samson Hezekiah Elisha Eli

8. Who made an iron axe head swim?

Elijah Elisah Samuel Amos

9. Who prayed inside a fish?

Daniel Jonah Joash Gideon

10. Who cut his hair once a year?

Absalom Elijah Joseph Vashti Absalom

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