Bible Quiz - Who did it?

1. Who slept on an iron bedstead over 13 ft.long?

Samson Og Goliath Haman

2. Who was the first drunkard?

Noah Cain Tamar Solomon

3. What preacher earned his living as a tentmaker?

Luke Mark Paul Timothy

4. Who was the first city builder?

Cain Jacob Aaron Joshua

5. What physician was an author?

Peter Paul Luke John

6. Who accidently hanged himself in a tree?

Amnon Nebuchadnezzar Judas Absalom

7. Who was hanged on a gallows he had prepared for another?

Hezekiah Boaz Haman Eli

8. Who fell off a seat and broke his neck?

Samuel Eli Jeremiah Cephas

9. What blind man killed 3,000 people at a religious feast?

David Solomon Joshua Samson

10. What prophet cursed little children that were calling him names?

Elisha Elijah Joseph Vashti

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