Who Is Moses Quiz
(True or False)

  1. Moses appeared with Jesus before Peter, James and John.
  2. Moses was buried by Joshua and Caleb.
  3. Moses was 120 years old when he died.
  4. Moses entered into the Promised Land after leading Israel through the wilderness for 40 years.
  5. God spoke directly to Aaron and Miriam when they doubted Moses' authority.
  6. God gave the children of Israel manna to eat.
  7. Death of Pharaoh's first born son convinced him to let the children of Israel go.
  8. The Lord revealed His complete plans to Moses concerning Pharaoh
  9. God identified himself to Moses by stating that He was the God of Moses' Hebrew ancestors.
  10. Moses murdered an Egyptian and hid him in the sand.
  11. When Moses' mother could not hide him any longer, she gave him to her sister in a nearby town to raise.
  12. The two cherubim on top of the Ark of the Covenant are made of solid gold.
  13. God told Moses to tell the children of Israel His name was "Yahweh".
  14. In the wilderness, Moses rejected his father-in-law's advice to appoint judges among the people.
  15. The Lord provided Moses with education and a privileged lifestyle through his adoptive Egyptian family, preparing him for the future.
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