Who Is Jesus Quiz
(True or False)

  1. Jesus Christ is God's Word manifested in the flesh.
  2. Jesus is the only begotten son of God.
  3. God offers sinners eternal life through Jesus Christ.
  4. Christ came to both minister and to give His life as a payment for sins.
  5. Jesus said that he was a shepherd willing to give His life for His sheep.
  6. The Old Testament claims that Jesus is a priest from the line of Levites.
  7. Jesus was tempted like all of mankind, yet was without sin.
  8. Only the unsaved will appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
  9. Wise men following the eastern star referred to the young Jesus as the King of the Jews.
  10. A thief asked to be remembered in the kingdom of Christ.
  11. Jesus told his disciples that He would rise from the dead.
  12. Jesus claimed that He was the living bread sent from heaven.
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