Ten Commandments Bible Quiz
(True or False)

  1. Thou shalt make no graven image is the first of the ten commandments listed in Exodus 20.
  2. Moses was on Mount Sinai with the Lord for forty days and for forty nights.
  3. Out of anger, Moses broke the first stone tablets that contained the ten commandments.
  4. Thou shalt not kill is the sixth commandment.
  5. Those who keep God's commandments will have the right to the tree of life.
  6. Making up a story to get an evil neighbor in trouble is allowed in God's laws.
  7. God's Spirit will cause us to walk in his statutes.
  8. We are to delight in the Lord's commandments
  9. Those that remember to keep God's commandments will have righteousness upon their children.
  10. Christ promised that if we keep his commandments, we will abide in his love.
  11. God called Moses to Mount Sinai once again to record the commandments which had been broken.
  12. We are commanded to neither add to or take away from the commandments of the Lord.
  13. The seventh commandment is about sexual misconduct.
  14. The children of Israel were to make fringes on the borders of their garments as a reminder of the ten commandments.
  15. Remember the Sabbath is the tenth commandment.
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