Bible Quiz - Ruth

1. What country was Ruth from?

Judah Egypt Canaan Moab

2. Why did Naomi want to return to Judah?

they had food in Judah again her husband died her two sons died all

3. What city did Naomi take Ruth to?

Nazareth Galilee Bethlehem Mizpah

4. How did Ruth happen to meet Boaz?

she was working in his field Naomi introduced them he found her lying injured in the threshing room they met at a wedding

5. What did Ruth NOT do in preparation for going to see Boaz at the threshing floor?

bathed cut her hair put on her best garment anointed herself

6. What did Ruth do when she approached the sleeping Boaz?

kissed him lay down next to him uncovered his feet washed his feet

7. What did Boaz send Ruth home to Naomi with?

a lamb barley a dowry wheat

8. What did Boaz have to do in order to obtain Ruth as his wife?

buy Elimelech's land send her parents a dowry sacrifice a lamb buy her from Naomi

9. What was the name of Ruth's son by Boaz?

Samuel Obed Mahlon Chilion

10. Ruth's son was the grandfather of what well-known king?

David Solomon Saul none

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