Bible Quiz - Old Testament Kings

1. What was the name of David & Bathsheba's first child to become King?

Solomon Samuel Jesse Nathan

2. What King died after seeing the "handwriting on the wall?"

Nebuchadnezzar Belshazzar Absalom none

3. Who was the first King of Israel?

David Ahaziah Saul Hezekiah

4. What King prayed to God for deliverance, with the result that the angel of the Lord slew 185,000 Assyrians?

Samuel Saul David Hezekiah

5. What King made Esther his Queen?

Mordecai Ahasuerus Solomon Haman

6. Which King was made to eat grass like oxen?

Absalom Jehoiakim Nebuchadnezzar Saul

7. Which of these Kings had Isaiah put to death?

Uzziah Hezekiah Ahasuerus none

8. What King was tricked into throwing Daniel into the lions' den?

Darius Nebuchadnezzar Absalom none

9. Whose idea was it for Israel to have a king?

Samuel's God's The Israelite's Saul's

10. What King sent for Sarah to take her as his wife, believing she was Abraham's sister?

Hezekiah Abimelech Absalom David

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