Bible Quiz - Noah and the Ark

1. What kind of wood did Noah use to build the ark?

cedar gopher pine oak

2. How long was Noah's ark?

50 cubits 100 cubits 300 cubits 500 cubits

3. How many people entered into the ark?

8 24 12 2

4. How old was Noah when the flood began?

100 120 600 950

5.How many pairs of each "clean" animal did Noah take on the ark?

2 7 12 5

6. For how long did the flood waters continue to increase?

14 days 1 year 40 days 3 months.

7. What kind of leaf was in the dove's mouth when it returned to the ark?

Fig Olive. Sycomore Gopher

8. Where mountain did the ark come to rest on after the flood?

Mount Sania Mount Everest Mount of Olives Mount Ararat

9. What was the first thing Noah built when he left the ark?

A tower An Altar A House A tabernacle

10. How old was Noah when he died?

500 years 1200 years 950 years 500 years

11. How many times did Noah send the dove from the Ark?

2 1 4 3

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