Bible Quiz - Jesus' Miracles

1. Jesus walked on what body of water?

Caspian Sea Sea of Galilee Mediterranean Sea Dead Sea

2. Who climbed out of the boat to meet Jesus walking on the water?

John Matthew James Peter

3. Out of what woman had Jesus cast 7 demons?

Mary Magdalene Rhoda Margaret Martha

4. Jesus healed Simon Peter's mother-in-law of what?

Blindness Leprosy A broken hip Fever

5. What was the occasion for Jesus turning water into wine?

A funeral Passover A wedding A bar mitzvah

6. What tree did Jesus cause to wither up?

Olive tree Pomegranate tree Fig tree Date tree

7. A gentile woman from Canaan begged Jesus to heal her daughter, who:

Had died Was demon-possessed Was lame Had leprosy

8. Whose daughter died while Jesus was on the way to his house to heal her?

Jairus Jacob Jonas Jamtha

9. In what city did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

Bethesda Bethany Capernaum Nazareth

10. How many baskets full of pieces were left when Jesus fed the 5000?

4 12 20 24

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