Healing Quiz
(True or False)

  1. When Jesus cast out a demon from a dumb man, then the man began to speak.
  2. Jesus was the second prophet to heal a person that was blind from birth.
  3. Jesus raised people from the dead.
  4. Many times demons came out of people when they were healed by Jesus.
  5. Healing miracles by Jesus sometimes caused people to mock Jesus.
  6. Jesus healed some people without touching them or even seeing them.
  7. Jesus healed a man by putting His fingers in the man's ears and spitting and touching his tongue.
  8. A woman touched Jesus' garment and she was healed by her faith.
  9. The prophet Jeremiah said the messiah would take our infirmities and diseases.
  10. Jesus touched the head of Peter's mother-in-law and she was healed of fever.
  11. The healing of the high priest slave's ear was the last recorded healing by Jesus.
  12. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead on the third day.
  13. Healing miracles by Jesus sometimes caused people to glorify God.
  14. Jesus healed people of every kind of disease and sickness among the people.
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