Fruit of the Spirit Quiz
(True or False)

  1. The fruit of the spirit is made up of nine key character traits.
  2. Christians should only love in word.
  3. God can turn our sorrow into joy.
  4. Our suffering for Christ will bring us joy in due time.
  5. The children of God are known as peacemakers.
  6. Christians are instructed to be longsuffering and patient.
  7. If we cannot control our temper, we leave ourselves open to attack by the enemy.
  8. We should conduct ourselves with meekness even if we are successful.
  9. We inherit the promises of God through faith and good works.
  10. Faith is moving forward as if our prayer is already answered.
  11. Because God has shown us goodness through forgiveness, we should show goodness towards others.
  12. God is love.
  13. We should love our enemies hoping to gain favor and love back.
  14. God can provide a peace that passes all understanding.
  15. Servants of God should show gentleness to those that are nice to them, but need to be firm with others.
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