Biblical Women Quiz
(True or False)

  1. Tamar was considered more righteous than Judah even though she disguised herself as a prostitute
  2. Delilah used sexuality to advance herself.
  3. Hannah prayed so passionately to her God that the priest though she was drunk.
  4. Sarai thought that God prevented her from having children and convinced Abraham to obtain children by an Egyptian slave.
  5. Sarah jumped for joy when she first heard that she shall conceive a son.
  6. God can use the daughter of an enemy to execute His plans for His people.
  7. Because Eve was formed from the rib of man she was not created in God's image.
  8. Eve, as well as the serpent and the ground, was cursed for disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.
  9. Because the midwives Puah and Shiphrah feared God more than Pharaoh, He blessed them.
  10. Because of her faith, Rahab the harlot was spared but the rest of her family had to die.
  11. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well she must worship the Father in Jerusalem or a synagogue.
  12. In biblical times, a virtuous woman would never initiate a marriage proposal.
  13. Abraham's servant selected Rebekah to become Isaac's wife.
  14. A woman named Dorcas was resurrected by Peter because she did many good works.
  15. God chose Deborah as a judge of Israel because she was single.
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