Bible Quiz - Adam and Eve

1. Why did Adam call his wife Eve?

She was the firstborn among women She was a help meet for him She was the mother of all living She was taken out of man

2. What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve use in an attempt to cover their nakedness?

fig olive palm sycamore

3. After Adam and Eve sinned, what did God make for them?

A garment of fig leaves A loincloth of pure linen Coats of skin Clothing made from the dust of the earth

4. What kept Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden of Eden

Cherubim with a flaming sword Cherubim with a double edged sword An angel with a firey spear An archangel with a scroll

5. How many children did Adam and Eve have?

2 3 4 more than 4

6. Who was Adam and Eve's first son?

Seth Abel Cain Lamech

7. Which of Adam and Eve's sons was 'a keeper of sheep'?

Enosh Cain Seth Abel

8. Which of Adam and Eve's sons was 'a tiller of the ground'?

Enosh Cain Seth Abel

9. What son did Eve say God gave her in place of Abel?

Enosh Enoch Seth Cain

10. How many years did Adam live?

930 820 890 750

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