Bible Quiz - 2 Kings

1. How was Ahaziah injured and thus bedridden?

He was wounded in battle he fell off his horse he fell through a floor he fell into a well

2. How many times did fire come down from heaven at Elijah's command to destroy Ahaziah's men?

just once two times three times four times

3. Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan river on dry ground because they struck it with

a staff a tree branch Elijah's mantle a reed

4. Elisha purified the water in Jericho after he had cast what into it?

salt a tree branch vinegar his sandal

5. What came out of the woods and mauled 42 youths who had mocked Elisha?

a lion a tiger two female bears a wild boar

6. What did Elisha multiply for the widow to help her pay her creditors?

flour sheep oil money

7. What affliction did Elisha's servant Gehazi receive because of his greed?

blindness deafness leprosy dropsy

8. Why was the son of a prophet so distressed about losing an axe in the Jordan river?

it was his only one it was a family heirloom he had borrowed it it was very expensive

9. Four leprous men found the camp of their enemy, the _________, empty and abandoned

Syrians Philistines Edomites Canaanites

10. Which of these kings was upright, restored true worship and destroyed all the idols and pagan temples?

Ahaz Josiah Jeroboam Jehoash

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