Bible Quiz - I Kings

1. Adonijah tried to proclaim himself king, but David appointed _________ instead

Nathan Samuel Solomon Joab

2. What request did Adonijah make, which brought about his execution?

he asked for a mansion he requested ten chariots he requested ten concubines he asked for a wife

3. Solomon's servant Benaiah was sent to kill each of these men except whom?

Shimei Abiathar Joab Adonijah

4. What did God give to Solomon which he had not asked for?

riches honor long life all

5. Who came to test Solomon's wisdom?

the king of Tyre Ben-Hur the Queen of Sheba Pharaoh

6. Who brought food to Elijah during the drought?

ravens his wife Elisah his servant

7. Why did the widow at Zarephath get upset with Elijah?

he lived in her house without paying rent he took her last pancake her son died none

8. How many prophets of Baal did Elijah have killed at the Brook Kishon?

250 350 450 550

9. What was Elisha doing when he met Elijah?

praying serving in the temple plowing a field harvesting wheat

10. Why did Ahab die?

he allowed Ben-Hadad to live he was a poor fighter he became ill he was struck with a spear

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