How to play a Bible Knowledge Game:

You’ll need a scorekeeper and someone to click the links.

1. Start the game by double-clicking the game you want to play

2. Click on a Category 100, 200, 300 or 400 Question link.

3. The Question Screen appears along with a 10 second countdown.
When the counter reaches 0, the Answer screen automatically appears.

      a) Need more time? Reset the timer by hitting “Refresh” on your browser.

      b) Need less time? Skip to the answer screen by hitting the [EARLY-
      ANSWER] link.

4. When the answer page appears the scorekeeper decides if the answer given was correct and awards (or doesn't award) points to the player(s) or team.

5. Click the "Back" link to go back to the Bible Knowledge Game Board.
      The point link for the question (100, 200, 300, or 400) will be gone.

6. When the Bible Knowledge Game Board has no more yellow point links showing, the game is over and the scorekeeper announces the winner(s).

7. To play the same BKG board again, you must “reset” it
      Clear your web browser's History & Refresh.

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