Hidden Books of the Bible 20

1. My friend Jud gestures wildly when he talks.
2. He plays banjo badly, but sings rather well.
3. Tips, alms, and inheritances are all taxable.
4. Man named Eugene, sister named Mary, dog named Sue.
5. I'm at the window looking out over the ocean.
6. He never went out without taking a walking stick.
7. After visiting Jordan, I elected to go on to Egypt.
8. Yes, a most interesting story, I thought.
9. Weather forecast: Storm. Ark needs repairs.
10. Isn't it useless to protest to them?
11. The oldest heritage isn't necessarily the best.
12. A bushel of apples, all ripe, terrific!
13. Is jam essential to a peanut butter sandwich?
14. Those aren't the ones I asked for.
15. A comic, a Hollywood agent, and a starlet had lunch. 
16. Anna, humble Anna, dear sweet Anna!
17. "The brew should be potent," said the witch.
18. He almost left his fez, racing up the steps.
19. He is a grammar pro. Verbs are his specialty.
20. Hey, hey, ho, ho, sea sailors like to row. 

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